Hamed Al Harrassy

Founder & Chairman

Mr. Hamed Al Harrassy is the founder and chairman of Teejan Group. Today’s Teejan Group was founded by him in 1974 soon after the first Omani Royal decree establishing Commercial Law was announced.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. True to these words, Teejan, which started as a small-scale private business by Mr. Hamed Al Harrassy, today has grown manifold in terms of diverse synergic businesses and volume of operations across the globe. It has been a glorious journey from the initial construction business to a leading business group in the country. The success story of Teejan reflects Mr. Hamed Al Harrassy’s expertise in the modeling of business and his relentless pursuit for excellence.

Mr. Hamed Al Harrassy is a well-established businessman, over 20 companies in various industries such as construction, furnishing, services, trading, manufacturing, wholesale, FMCG, and technology. Over 40 years in business able to take any challenge, new businesses are established and steered to success

As the Chairman, Mr. Hamed Al Harrassy provides the leadership, motivation and direction, propelling Teejan on an ever forward march.