Burjeel Medical City - Mohammed Bin Zayed City

Construction of Burjeel Medical City in Abu Dhabi - Mohammad Bin Zayed city which consist of the following with total Built-up area 100,000 Sq.m

a) Main Hospital Building which is composed of one basement floor, Ground floor and 4 towers with 7 floors each. The building will accommodate around 48 outpatient clinics, Radiology Oncology ,10 Operation theatres, Intensive Care Units, Physio Rehabilitation, Maternity, Pediatric, Imaging, Laboratory, General and Internal Medicine, ENT, Surgery, Orthopedics, Neurology, Cardiology and several other professional medical departments, in addition to the 244 inpatient beds in 4 separate towers, underground parking, medical support services, helipad and etc.

b) Long-Term Centre Building will house a separate consultation with for long term patients with several wards above it. It is composed of G+4 floors, covering a GFA of 3,390 m2 approximately.

c) Burjeel Medical City Administration Building is composed of G+4 floors which will accommodate different offices for the project's operations and administrations, covering a GFA of 3300 m2 approximately.

d) 3 Substation / Service Blocks are designed to supply MEP and other services depending on the building capacity demand.           

f) Infrastructure Network as designed for the whole project and the hospital requirement.

Others: Including Pump room, Electric room, Security posts, Boundary walls and Landscaping within the plot as designed for the whole project.

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